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The world is rapidly moving towards the “Internet of Everything,” and yet, less than 10% of devices are connected today. Traditional data plans don’t sell beyond smart phones, crippling mobile business plans for Device Makers, VARs, and Resellers of other connected devices. As a result, trillions of dollars of mobile revenue are being squandered.

Macheen solves this problem.
Macheen connects devices such as tablets, digital cameras, personal gaming devices, connected cars, etc. to the internet without WiFi or traditional data plans. We offer mobile broadband connectivity to just the applications you need for that device–such as email, entertainment, security, or specialized education apps–allowing you to customize your connectivity and increase attach of your value added services.

So what exactly are we?
Macheen is a SaaS platform that brings mobile broadband and connected services to all devices. Macheen’s patent-pending cloud software sits on top of carrier networks across the globe, and applies policy to fractionalize the internet to “pinpoint” just the connectivity you need. It then apportions and allocates the costs of the mobile internet with new sponsored and bundled access business models.

We have branded and white-label solutions that meet the needs of Enterprises, Consumers and new BYOD implementations. These solutions can be used with the complete Macheen stack including our global SIM and wholesale network, or we work with regional carrier partners with their SIMs and networks. Regardless of the deployment that is right for you, Macheen has a solution to ensure there are no more disconnected devices and no more one-size-fits-none data plans.

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