Macheen Welcomes Qualcomm as a New Strategic Investor


We announced today that Qualcomm has joined the ranks as an investor in Macheen. We are pleased to welcome them and proud to have them join the investment team backing Macheen. We both want to see a world where more people have access to more of what they care about, ALL the time. Without breaking the bank or forcing yet another data plan from yet another device. Qualcomm is another big name behind us saying that what we have is special.

The problem we solve is a hard one. We invented Pinpoint Services to put an end to the one-size-fits-all model of traditional mobile access. It’s a uniquely flexible cloud solution allowing pinpoint access (and pinpoint charges) to just what matters from the cloud and from websites. So companies can pay for employees to have constant email access without worry about the 1 gig plan being burned up by Netflix. And, consumers can benefit from companies sponsoring constantly connected services without foisting the costs on the user counting their megabytes.

Our belief, to move the industry needle, is that this must be done without ANY dependency on special software in the device or untold burdens on network carriers ‘changing their ways’.

In this manner, we agree with Marc Andreessen as he discussed in his recent investment in ItsOn – the future depends on seeing the end of traditional carrier data plans and instead projecting a future rich with sponsored data services, split billing for work versus personal use, and other new business model innovations for mobile broadband pricing.

In the end, the users will be the winners. And, as the Qualcomm investment in Macheen illustrates, the industry is rooting for us, and for it, to happen.

Disconnected devices are dead devices. We are glad to lead a new world of always connected devices and, as a result, always connected people and their services.

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